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My Lunch with Samantha Brown

Travel Channel host Samantha Brown

Travel Channel host Samantha Brown

And to think I almost didn’t go.
travelgirl editor Stephanie Oswald emailed me last fall about having lunch with Travel Channel darling Samantha Brown while she was in town filming a weekend in Atlanta.

Overwhelmed by deadlines and having only a marginal knowledge of who she was – I know, I know! – I almost declined but thought better of it.

It may be a sorry admission to make, as a travel writer, but the only travel show I’ve ever watched is Anthony Bourdain, whom I adore from a distance. I’d be terrified to actually meet him as I know I’d totally wind wind up eating fried marinated monkey guts and doing arsenic shots and wake up in a yert with no knowledge of where my shoes went.

So before our lunch I watched a few of her shows and was impressed by her easy style, coverage of a destination and her cute clothes.

Stephanie and I showed up at Buckhead Diner and waited to meet with Samantha and her publicist Marjorie Hall, who soon showed up in a stretch limo. Uh oh, I thought – we’re in for a pretentious diva-style event with the fancy NYC girls. Continue reading