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Beyond the Burger – at Hard Rock

A plate full of health, the Anti-Cobb salad comes with my latest obsession - dried cranberries

It turned out to be a perfect welcome home for my college-age son Christopher. I was invited to a dinner at Hard Rock Café, and sensing the potential for massive amounts of non-college food, he eagerly accepted.

He hadn’t really spent much time in a Hard Rock and before heading into the private event space we looked around at some of the memorabilia. He’s a heavy metal DJ at Vanderbilt, so he was uber impressed that Neil Murray, the bassist for Black Sabbath, had a guitar on display. I was more interested in Shakira’s tiny demin pants.

(I listen to his show on my WRVU app, just to hear him talk between the guttural growling and explosion of cacophony that he calls “music.” Yesterday I asked him how he can possibly listen to that stuff. “To me that sounds like angels crying,” he said. Of course, they’re crying, I thought. They can’t stand that music either.)

Our dinner was in the private event space next to Hard Rock Cafe, a perfect venue for a party, especially if you’re having a band. We were there to sample the new menu items. See, Hard Rock is turning 40 this year, and like many others in middle age, is focusing on healthier eating by introducing 12 new lighter menu items. We sampled them all during the ensuing feeding frenzy. Continue reading