Top 5 Airport Lounges

I found a quiet spot and set up my computer in a cozy nook to get a bit of work done, enjoying a warm cup of herbal tea. I heard the chatter increase a bit, and saw a few people passing by with plates piled with fried chicken. I joined the short line to cruise down the buffet line steaming with hot dishes. On the way back, I passed a toque-wearing chef at a table lining up samples of tuna ahi and other delectables.

I was in the Centurian Lounge of LaGuardia Airport, where the plentiful and delicious food, quiet spaces and peaceful atmosphere were the antithesis of what waited me beyond when I entered the crowded, stress-filed terminals. It is generally with great reluctance that I grab my things and exit, no matter how exciting my final destination may be.

The Plaza Premium Lounge at London’s Heathrow airport was selected as top airport lounge in the world. Amenities include private resting suites, shower rooms; a Wellness Spa and a Champagne and tapas Bar. –

Ah, the joy of the airport lounge. A much-needed respite from the hassles of flying, some so nice you never want to leave. When we travel on vacation from Atlanta, we allow extra time to enjoy the lounge at Hartsfield – flying is so much more enjoyable after a Bloody Mary or gin and tonic – don’t you agree?

Priority Pass, the world’s largest independent lounge membership program, recently released their list of top airport lounges. These were chosen by Priority Pass members from a selection of 1,000 lounges in more than 500 cities.

ATL’s New Security Lanes: Pros and Cons

The new security system under construction. Passengers line up and can load their belongings onto the bins much faster. (Photo from the AJC)
The new security system under construction. Passengers line up and can load their belongings onto the bins much faster. (Photo from the AJC)

Security lines at Hartsfield-Jackson are stretching practically to Chattanooga. But the airport is making changes to speed up the process. One of these was unveiled this week.

The South Terminal checkpoint has been closed for three weeks while two security lanes were revamped with a new system designed to speed up the process of passengers unloading their items into the bins.

Because of its high volume, (hello, busiest airport in the world!) Atlanta is the first airport in the country chosen to test out this system, modeled after one at London’s Heathrow Airport. Delta put $1 million into implementing the new system.

Here’s how it works. Rather than grabbing a bin at the beginning of the lane yourself, loading it up, and waiting your turn to pass through, several people can line up at once and large bins roll up in front of them. They can all load their bins simultaneously, which then slide through on a conveyor belt.

I used these bins in Heathrow a few months ago and was delighted by them. Here are the pros and cons of the new system:

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