Top Three Free Things in Las Vegas

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Free in Vegas? Yes, there are plenty of places you can drop mega-bucks in Vegas, but there are also plenty of free attractions as well. Here are my top three picks for places where your wallet won’t suffer:

One of the brave trainers, who interact with the lions.
One of the brave trainers, who interact with the lions.
1. The Lion Habitat at MGM Grand

The crowds starting gathering right when we got there as the lions were due to arrive. Sure enough, three lions and their brave keeper strolled into the glass-encased display where you can even walk under them. Part of a group of 29, a few are brought in each day from the ranch where they live. After a bath with Johnson’s Baby Shampoo they are ready for their close-up.
Jan’s tip: Go right at 11:00 am when the lions first appear. Apparently they spend most of the rest of the day snoozing.

2. Fountain Show at Bellagio.

Yeah, yeah, yeah – you’ve heard it before, but it’s true. You have to see this, at least once. We caught it once in the day and once at night.

3. Stroll the streets of Venice, New York and Paris.

One of the main attractions for me in Vegas is just strolling along the fake streets and canals in The Venetian, Paris and New York, New York. Only in America would you find such faithful fakes, am I right? Don’t lament that they aren’t the original – just enjoy them for what they are. Isn’t that the point of Vegas?

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