It’s not Venice, but hey, Scottsdale is beautiful too. The Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Gainey Ranch—Arizona, has four gondolas.

Introducing The Travel 10 with 10 Tips, Trips, Trends and Deals

  1. 1.33 Billion

That’s how many wings Americans are projected to consume during this year’s Super Bowl. I’m too lazy to do the math, but that sounds like a few dozen per every person in the country.

If you’re one of the lucky ones heading to Houston this weekend to catch the biggest sporting event in our country, check out 5 Things to Do in Houston.

  1. The $14,000 Question

Feeling confident she’ll say yes? Go for the proposal/travel package at the St. Regis Residence where a butler will assist you with the proposal, you’ll enjoy dinner prepared by the St. Regis chef and then be whisked away first class to the Bahamas for a two-night stay in the Albany resort. Must book by Feb. 7 and available only on Feb. 14.

  1. It’s Getting Hot in Here, But I’ll Leave on All My Clothes

Leave your clothes on when you fly Virgin Atlantic after you enroll in the airline’s TSA Precheck program. It’s the first UK airline to participate in the program and it’s only available on direct flights from the US to the UK.

  1. Don’t Go Chasing Hurricanes

According to HomeAway’s 2017 Trend Report, the five destinations with the biggest percentage increase in demand for vacation rentals are … ready for this?

Hurricane, UT; Sautee Nacoochee and Cleveland, GA; Bay Area, CA; Waco, TX and Utica, IL

If anyone has a clue why you want to go to Hurricane, Utah, please fill me in.

  1. You Had Me at Hyatt

Make like a Parisienne and tie a lock on a fence, cruise in a gondola, stroll on a river walk or indulge in sky-high views at Hyatt Regency hotels with romance packages for Valentine’s Day. Check out resorts in Denver, Clearwater Beach, the Hill Country and Lost Pines in Texas, Gainey Ranch in Arizona and in Waikiki Beach, Hawaii.

  1. Fed Up in the Air

Wasn’t that couple squabbling over who got the extra bag of peanuts bad enough? Now we might have to listen to every loudmouth who wants to talk on their cell phone during a flight?  I’d rather take my chances with the exploding cell phones than listen to that loud guy jabbering about his next big deal. Leave a comment with the DOT on exactly what you think of that prospect. Deadline is Feb. 13.

  1. An Infection You Do Want

Here’s a travel quote for the week: “Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know I shall be happily infected until the end of my life.” – Michael Palin

  1. Shaman, Shaman Ding Dong

Have your own encounter with a shaman at the end of the Na’Vi River Journey when Pandora – The World of Avatar opens this summer at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

  1. I Flew Through the Air with the Greatest of Ease

The world’s longest zipline is in Georgia. I did the whole thing and didn’t cry once. Although a bit of screaming and high-pitched giggling may have been involved. Banning Mills is about an hour from Atlanta and is a total blast.

  1. Don’t Let the Sunshine in

I always travel with a clothespin or two to close that inevitable gap in the curtains where the sun manages to bulldoze its way in and land right on your sleepy eyeballs.

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