College Essay Coach

What it’s like to work with a college essay coach:

 ”My daughter’s experience working with Jan was terrific! At the first meeting, Jan helped my daughter come up with a new twist on a somewhat tired essay prompt. From there my daughter was able to get motivated to get her essay written in order to be prepared for the next meeting with Jan. (I can’t say enough about a deadline set by someone else other than Mom or Dad.) In a matter of days, my daughter and Jan had their second meeting, luckily only a small amount of polishing was needed, and the essay was complete and ready for the common application!”
– Allyson G.

college-announces-need-blind-admissions-policy-10031001Students I have worked with have been admitted to Duke, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Kenyon, Hamilton, Dickinson, Denison, University of Virginia, University of Texas, Georgia Tech (President’s Scholar), Tulane and Georgia (Honors) — to name a few.

UVA-RotundaAs a college essay coach, I work with students to first educate them on what admissions officers are looking for and then assisting them in writing their best possible essay. Or if they have already written a draft of an essay, I will review it, proofread it and make suggestions for changes if needed.

Submitting an excellent college essay has never been more critical to differentiate one top student from another. Unfortunately, the importance of the essay is often overlooked and misunderstood.

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