About the Girl on the Go Travel Blog

Travel. Eat. Drink. Go home. Repeat.

As managing editor of Travelgirl magazine for 12 years, I was been lucky enough to explore a lot of the planet. But there’s so much more to see. And blog about.

With Girl on the Go I’ll share the interesting parts. Which aren’t always so great – like getting paint on our car in southern Alabama when a truck in front of us spilled paint all over the road. That’s an hour in a car wash in Auburn, AL I’ll never get back. But that’s what travel is about. Experiencing the unexpected.

I live in Atlanta, my home town, and blog about dining and diversions here as well. As for the drink thing? Whether it’s an espresso in Tuscany, a spot of tea in London or a Dark and Stormy in Bermuda, exploring the planet is so much richer when accompanied by a delightful beverage.

Disclosure: Many of the trips I go on are sponsored by tourism boards and PR agencies and I am grateful for those opportunities. All opinions are my own and as a journalist with decades of experience, I consider my first responsibility is to the readers. Enjoy!



  1. Jan,
    Great so far! I am looking forward to more musings and laughs, hopefully not always at YOUR expense…;-)
    – julie

  2. Michael Clayton

    My family made a tradition of eating at the Varsity (Athens or Atlanta) every time we went on a trip. This was directed by my father who met and married my mother while both attended UGA. It seems that at one time females either were not allowed or did not dare go into the Varsity in downtown town Athens or the one still operating at the end of sorority row. Dad would receive late night calls from my future mother to pick her and her friends up an order from the Varsity. Anyway the real purpose of this comment is to ask a favor. I believe you stated that you had the recipe for the onion rings hopefully the batter… anyway if you would be inclined to share with me or your followers it would be appreciated tremendously!

    Thanks, Mike

  3. admin

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for sharing your story – wonder how many romances were conducted over Varsity food? I wish I had the recipe for the onion ring batter!

  4. debbie ruskin

    Hi Jan,
    Meeting you and the girls today on the bus/limo was the best part of todays adventure to Barnsley Gardens. I’m enjoying my visit to Travelgirl and your Girl on the Go. Lets keep in touch, what is your blog site and twit name?


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