Best Travel Products Under $50

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I love testing out new products for travel. But not all products are meant to be used on the road. Here’s my list of best travel products for under $50 that also includes decorative items, a children’s book they will beg to take with them (to get them off the screens!) and the cutest humidifier that will also brighten up any room. Check these out for yourself or for the perfect gift for friends and family. [Note: click on blue product product names for links to products]


Vintage Travel Posters Calendar

I love vintage travel posters and this set of five is from National Parks, circa 1938. The posters are printed on heavy stock, ready to frame and hang. $49.95.

children's animal luggage, best travel products

Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Luggage

These suitcases for children are so adorable, I kinda wish I could use one. Select from a monkey, giraffe, unicorn, dog, lady bug, owl or a butterfly. The zipper for the monkey is a bunch of bananas. Prices start at $28.

wireless router, best travel products

RAVPower FileHub Plus Wireless Router

Paying for wifi in a hotel is one of my pet peeves. And it’s even worse when they charge per device. If I’m traveling with my husband, that would be six devices. Which, when I type this, sounds excessive, but I’m betting you’re right there with m. With this wireless router you can easily convert a wired network to a secure wireless one.  It’s portable enough to take along on all your trips; $39.99.

travel tin candles best travel products


Travel Tin Candles

This cute four-pack of vegan soy travel candles come in these cute tins with scents of vanilla, lemongrass, lavender and rose for $15.98. These make an excellent hostess present as well.

medium tote best travel products



Baggallini Tote Bag

I’ve long been a fan of Baggallini bags for travel, as they are lightweight and durable. Plus they come with plenty of pockets for my phone, water bottle and other smaller items. The Baggallini Medium Avenue Tote bag comes in eight colors. The Pacific color pictured is $49.99.

leak proof travel bottles

Large Leak Proof Travel Bottles

These 3.3-ounce TSA-approved travel bottles are leak-proof and BPA-free. I like that they are each a different color so I can keep my shampoo and conditioner straight. Use the lanyard to hang your toiletries in the shower if you wish; $19.99.

cactus humidifier best travel products


Cool Mist Humidifier

I wake up red-eyed in hotel rooms due to the lack of humidity in them. I’ve read tips to help, including hanging a damp towel in the room. But who wants to do that? This cute cactus-designed portable humidifier doesn’t take up much space and instantly cheers up any space. The color will brighten up my hotel room, and ensure I don’t leave it behind; $14.99.

universal travel adaptor, best travel products

Universal Travel Adaptor

No worries which type of adaptor you need when you travel overseas. This compact one from Kikkerland has got you covered for just $10. Slip this in the stocking of anyone who may be traveling overseas.


 Scratch Off World Map

My daughter made my own version of this from Christmas one year and it hangs in my office. I love keeping track of where I’ve gone, and plotting our next adventure. This map from Travelization is a scratch-off version, fun for kids and adults for $34.95.

Trtl travel pillow, best travel products

Trtl Travel Pillow

I haven’t tried this one yet, but love the look of it. This looks way cooler than the usual bulky u-shaped ones that are kind of a pain to carry around.  This pillow is washable, folds down flat and is made of soft fleece; $29.99.

Vim & Vigr socks, best travel products

Vim & Vigr Socks

I’m a big believe in wearing compression socks on airplanes to keep your blood circulating. I’ve heard too many horror stories about blood clots after flights. Vim & Vigr has a large selection with cute patterns. Believe me, this is one pair of socks your friends and family will be happy to receive. $32.95

Dead Soxy socks, best travel products


Dead Soxy

Speaking of socks, I run up and down my stairs in mine all day and sometimes worry about slipping. These socks from Dead Soxy guarantee you’ll never slip. The company has socks in tons of styles for men, women and kids. Surprise the guy in your live with these dress socks that also have light compression. This pair is $21.97.

customized children's book


Customized Children’s Book

Made your child the star of their own book with a personalized book just for them. Maybe this isn’t technically a travel product, but wouldn’t you take this along on a trip to entertainment your little one and get them off the screen?  $29.95.

Matador pocket blanket, travel products

Matador Pocket Blanket

I love Matador products, and this compact blanket is a great gift for anyone who ever ventures outdoors. This tiny pouch contains a 44” x 63” blanket that comes with built-in, rustproof metal stakes to keep it secure even on the beach. Come is red and green for $43.50.

cards best travel products


Snail Mail Cards

These adorable cards from Elum Designs include 15 thick note cards in lilac, navy and pear with metallic envelopes for $19.95. Because sometimes what you have to say is worth more than an email.


booster seat, best travel products

miFold Grab-and-Go Booster

Great for travel any time, and especially for visiting family who don’t have little ones, this portable booster seat folds down up to ten times smaller than a traditional booster seat. It installs in seconds and can even be cleaned in the dishwasher; $38.

Secretly Smashed Cross Body Bag Always Fits

Secretly Smashed

The secret’s out when you carry this adorable handbag from the fun company Alwaysfits. Check out the site for other bags shaped like flamingos, coconuts, rainbow and even a champagne bottle. The Secretly Smashed bag is $50.

Drift wet bag

Drift Wet Bag

I love being on the water and near the water, but worry about my valuables getting wet. Take the Drift Wet Bag along and they will be safe, even from those unexpected waves or splashes. Made of laminated cotton, the interior has a waterproof lining. The bags come in four patterns for $30.

Cuddle + Kind dolls


Cuddle + Kind Dolls

Not only are these plush hand-knit dolls adorable, for every one you purchase the company is able to feed 10 meals to children. Choose from a mermaid, unicorn, fox, a cat and more. They come in two sizes, starting at $48.

National Parks Monopoly game, best travel products

National Parks Monopoly Game

After visiting Glacier National Park in Montana this past summer, I’ve developed an obsession with our country’s amazing national parks.  Until I can visit more, I can learn about them with this Monopoly game with over 60 national parks and monuments; $32.60.

vintage luggage tab, best travel products

Vintage Luggage Tag

Why go with a boring old luggage tag, when you can have one that makes a statement? I love this vintage one called America by K. Rowland for $11.98.

travel wallet best travel products


Travel Wallet

This wallet works for men or women, is lightweight and has RFID blocking for credit cards plus a pocket for your passport. It comes in eight colors, starting at $12.99.

Please note that sometimes prices change.


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    There are so many great travel product ideas here! Some I have, others I don’t. I love the RavPower File Hub Plus Wireless Router; I may order one.

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