The Hangovertini Recipe for a Delicious Cocktail from Lebua Hotels

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When in Rome, right? (How many bad decisions have started with that phrase?) The decision to try The Hangovertini cocktail at Skybar at Lebua Hotel was a good one, as we enjoyed sipping the chilled drink and toasting to the antics of  Phil, Stu, Alan and Doug during our accidental tour of Hangover ll filming locales in Thailand. No monkeyshines ensued – just a delightful trip through this fascinating country.

The Twist: The Hangovertini at Lebua’s Skybar


Hangovertini, Lebua HotelScotch whisky                        Scant 3 ounces (or little less than two jiggers)
Zen Green Tea Liquor           Scant 3 ounces (or little less than two jiggers)
Green apple juice                   Scant 3 ounces (or little less than two jiggers)
Martini Rosso                          Scant 2 teaspoons
Rosemary Infused Honey      About 1.25 teaspoons
Sprig of rosemary

Note: As we don’t use the metric system in the US, rebels that we are, I converted the original recipe that was written in ml to ounces, rounding up a bit.

Fill your martini glass with ice to chill it. Combine ingredients into a shaker and shake well. Empty the ice from your glass and pour in the ingredients from the shaker.

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