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The Travel Insurance Tool

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airplane-bannerWe’ve all heard the stories. The guy who broke his arm in a remote location and had to spent thousands of dollars to be flown home. The couple that booked their dream cruise and had to cancel because the wife needed emergency surgery. While we may understand that purchasing travel insurance may ease the financial burden in some situations like these, it can still be hard to pull the trigger on paying for it when you’re already shelling out a lot of money for the trip in the first place.

Consumer Affairs, a consumer news and advocacy group, has developed a tool to make that decision easier. The aptly named Travel Insurance Tool allows you to better understand how travel insurance works and whether you need it.

The tool allows to compare brands of travel insurance and see reviews for those brands. Discover which features matter most to you. Do you want protection from cancellation, delay or interruption? Is customer service most important to you, or coverage for property loss or damage?

Learn about the different types of travel insurance, such as annual plans, one-time only or plans for domestic versus international. The section on Travel Insurance Scenarios covers what happens in certain situations, such as when I have a medical emergency? Or I wreck my rental car? Or maybe I just don’t want to go on my trip anymore?

If you’re investing a lot of money in a trip, make some time to check out the site. That way, whether you decide to purchase travel insurance or not, you’ve made a more informed decision.


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