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Woman Seeks Shuttle Spot for Short-Term Relationship

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Park your car at Park 'N Fly Plus and drop your dog at Pet Paradise where he can lounge in his own suite or just chill in the bone-shaped pool.

“Last time I parked right by the airport it was like $4 a day,” my friend Melissa said this week as we were discussing parking at the Atlanta airport for her trip to Boston.

“Was that during the Eisenhower administration?” I asked.

People get all rah-rah about Atlanta and how we have the world’s busiest airport. Can’t tell what good that does me, other than making flying out of the world’s busiest airport a multi-hour process. I’m fairly jealous of my buddies who travel out of smaller airports like Greensboro and Charlottesville where you just tool right up to the terminal a short while before your flight leaves. And now that our beloved shuttle parking lot right on Virginia Avenue closed a few years back we’ve been adrift when it comes to parking at the airport.

Truth is we usually take MARTA, our public transportation system, to the airport. It’s easy, fast, inexpensive, and you don’t have to worry about the famous Atlanta traffic. But there are times when it’s not an option — an early-morning flight before MARTA starts running or for longer trips when we have overpacked. By we, I mean my husband who totes a much bigger suitcase than I do. Even though he only needs two pairs of shoes, exactly two toiletry items and zero jewelry.

We’ve had some not-great experiences with parking right at the airport, where long-term parking is generally available although it can involve a very lengthy walk to the terminal. This past summer my son and I went to DC, returning Sunday a few hours after the time my husband was leaving to go to a conference. So I took a set of keys and he parked the car right in short-term parking with explicit instructions to leave me the exact spot where the car was.

Instead of a parking spot number, I received a series of blurry texts with photos that were supposed to lead me directly to the car. Which they did not. They led me instead to a series of increasingly bordering-on-irate calls to my non-phone-answering husband to try to determine the car’s location.

Now there’s a new airport parking lot opening that sounds promising for our next trip. I’m headed there tomorrow to check out one of the opening events for Park ‘N Fly Plus.

In addition to the usual parking spot and shuttle to the airport, here is what gives Park ‘N Fly its Plus. Park here and you can:

• Have your car washed and detailed or get your oil changed

• Leave your pet in his own personal suite to swim and relax at Pet Paradise

• Check your bags for your flight if you’re traveling domestically with AirTran, Delta or American Airlines. This is a huge plus in my book and I’ll definitely be trying this service.

Rates for parking start at just $10 a day for uncovered, $12 for covered and valet service is available.

Check it out for yourself this weekend at the grand opening events at Park ‘N Fly Plus. Get 25% off Jiffy Lube services during the event, free wiper blades for all cars serviced, 1 night of free boarding at Pet Paradise, 1 day free uncovered parking and $5 off a deluxe car wash at Park ‘N Shine. Hours for the event are Friday, Nov. 11 from noon to 4 p.m. and Saturday from 9 to 1 p.m.

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