Best Jeans For Travel: Look Good and Feel Good on the Road

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travel jeans
Even after years of practice, my packing skills sad, bordering on pathetic.But I always know what I’m going to wear on the plane – my Beija Flor jeans.

When I travel, it’s jeans or leggings for me. It’s too frigid on airplanes for shorts or skirts, and I’m all about squeezing out the most comfort I can from my outfit because I’m sure as heck not going to find it origamied into my coach seat. For years I was on the hunt for the best jeans for travel.

They needed to be comfortable, forgiving of a few extra pounds and look stylish. Sadly, some jeans fit fine on the flight to a destination. On the way back? Not so much. Okay, no mystery there – part of traveling is testing the local cuisine and wines. Or cocktails. And let’s not forget desserts. But I digress.

When I tried on a pair of Beija Flor jeans, I knew I’d found my travel pant soulmate. These jeans will forever be the bottom part of my travel outfit. Every time I fly I wear these jeans. It makes the packing process a little easier for me, as I always know what I’m going to wear on the plane.

Since my first pair of blue ones, I’ve purchased Beija Flor jeans in a few other colors, including white, which I have worn all summer long.

Why do I love them? I will count the ways.

1. They are so comfortable I could be wearing my pajamas. In fact, they reminded me of my pajama jeans (worn only at home, I promise) but are way more comfortable and so much more fashionable.

2. On the style I choose, there are no zippers or buttons to mess with, which I really appreciate when navigating the increasingly small airplane bathrooms. And with no buttons, it’s easier to hide those few pounds that may have somehow (?!) crept up on me during my last trip. Which may or may not have had something to do with fresh-baked cookies and killer cocktails and chocolates during turn-down service.

Beija Flor jeans in several colors

3. The fabric is breathable, lightweight and water resistant. And wrinkle-free, always a consideration for travel.

4. You can shop the large collection of jeans by style, shape, or type of leg. I like the Kelly with a skinny leg  and have it in four colors, currently eyeing a fifth. You can also get boot, cropped, short and ankle styles in other colors.

5. The company was founded by a mother-daughter team in Greenville, SC. Kathy Moça and Emilie Whitaker traveled to Brazil and noticed women actually embraced their curves there rather than battle to restrain them. They set out to create jeans to work with a woman’s curves. Also, I really like Greenville, where they have a flagship store. See why in my story, “Gateway to Greenville.”

6. Beija Flor offers free shipping and free returns.

With some priced at $188, these jeans are more than I usually pay, as I buy Levis at Costco along with wine and rotisserie chicken. But as these jeans will go to the top of my jeans rotation and will go on every trip with me from here on, they make a good investment. I have worn my first pair hundreds of time, and felt good in them every time.

Add in the fact that they banish the dreaded muffin top, well, that makes them priceless. Here are a few pairs you can check out for yourself.

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  1. Just ordered mine ! I can’t wait ! Thank you,Jan for the Travel Girl perspective.

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