Best Travel Leggings for Healthy Flying

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Rejuvawear, best travel leggingsAs a frequent traveler,  I need to be aware of swelling and possible clot formations from spending a lot of time at 30,000 feet. Compression garments can help ease those concerns. But I’ve tried on compression socks and leggings that pretty much felt like a boa constrictor had a firm grip on my legs. Not a pleasant feeling. But when I slipped on these RejuvaWear Footless Compression Legging, I was amazed at how comfortable they are and instantly declared them the best travel leggings I’d ever tried.

But I won’t reserve them just for flying. As shapewear, the leggings helps control all those jiggly bits and the four-inch wide waistband banishes the muffin top.

Here’s a tip. Put them on prior to boarding the airplane. I try to remember to put them on in the restroom before boarding, but on occasion I have forgotten. Trying to wriggle into these things while standing on 2 square inches of space in a bathroom in coach is neither an easy or graceful endeavor.  Fortunately you won’t fall and break an elbow, because there’s nowhere really to fall. Another bonus – they add an extra layer of warmth as protection against the arctic air often encountered on an airplane.


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