Best Walking Shoes for Travel

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Nancy boot, ABEO, walking shoe
These Nancy boots were my first pair of ABEO shoes, now on sale for $111.75. I’m trying to justify buying a second pair.

It borders on an obsession. My need to find stylish, comfortable shoes for travel. And by comfortable, I mean I have to be able to walk up to several miles a day, over cobblestones, up steep stairs and be prepared to sprint through the interminable terminals in airports.

On trips, I take furtive glances at the brands of cute shoes of my fellow travelers, waiting until their foot is positioned just so, so I can see the name on the back or sole of the shoe. That’s how I found the ABEO brand of footwear.

I scoured The Walking Company website for a pair of ABEO boots suitable for my trip to Southwest England. I found a pair of short boots with a slight heel, and gulping slightly at the price tag of $160 – a lot for me – I placed the order for the Nancy boots.

IABEO sandal
I plan to put a lot of miles on these ABEO sandals this summer. These come in 20 colors for $89.95.

Since receiving them, I’ve put several hundred miles on them, on the hard marble floor of Salisbury Cathedral, along the rocky path of the ruins of Corfe Castle in Dorset and the steep slope of the Jurassic Coast from Lulworth Cove.

Back home, I began wearing them almost daily. They may be the most comfortable and stylish shoes I’ve ever owned.

Now as warm weather finally approaches, I’ll switch the boots for a pair of ABEO Balboa sandals. They come in 20 colors, and you can select from three types of footpads: neutral, metatarsal and posted heel, which are explained on the site.

I still love the cute, trendy shoes I get at Target. But for serious comfort and travel, I’m sold on ABEO shoes from The Walking Company.


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