Fly Over Canada, Vancouver’s Newest Attraction

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 Fly Over Canada
A scene from Fly Over Canada, Vancouver’s newest attraction

My first visit to Vancouver this summer wasn’t nearly long enough. We tried to add two additional days after our Alaskan cruise ended there, but with the flight schedules we could stay only about 36 hours. But we managed to cram a lot of fun and sightseeing into that short period of time. One of my favorite things was Vancouver’s newest attraction, Fly Over Canada, located at Canada Place and easily accessible by public transportation. Luckily, lines were short the day we went, although they can be lengthy at times.

After a short introductory film, we strapped ourselves into the seven-seat chairlift and prepared for “takeoff” as we were gently lifted to experience the sensation of flying over the spectacular Canadian landscape from coast to coast during the 15-minute ride that uses the same technology as the Soarin’ attraction at Epcot. 

We viewed scenes such as the icebergs of Twillingate, an aerial view of Niagara Falls, the gorgeous fall colors of River Rouge, and vineyards where you feel like you can reach down and pluck a grape.

To further enhance the experience, a gentle mist washed over our faces when we soared over waterfalls and we smelled the scent of flowers when flying over fields of wildflowers. If you’re heading to one of my favorite cities, make sure to do a little soarin’ of your own.


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