Friday Lunch at Galatoire’s in New Orleans

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Locals get a head start on cocktail hour every Friday with lunch at Galatoire’s Photo by Louis Sahuc

“No one in here has ever worked a day in their lives,” our newfound friend told us about the locals enjoying their weekly party that is Friday lunch at Galatoire’s in New Orleans.

I had no idea if that is the case, but it was clear that no one was working now or would be the rest of the day, as we indulged as well in a 4 ½ hour lunch unlike any I’d ever experienced.

As a “second line” parade was forming from a table of decked-out-in-gold-and-black ladies in the front, one of the staff grabbed me and threw me into the parade. We danced our way around the restaurant to the cheers of everyone there, as the tuxedo-clad waiters patiently wound their way through the merriment. It’s just that kind of place. Once you’re in, you feel like you’re part of the best party in town.

You have to earn your seat by waiting in line, or as some people do, hire someone to hold your place for you. Gentlemen have to wear coats, and don’t even think about it if you’re looking for quiet and relaxing. But if you want a wild way to kick off your weekend, spend your Friday afternoon at Galatoire’s. As our scurrying waiter remarked, “This isn’t a restaurant; it’s an insane asylum!”

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