Best Turndown Services at Hotels Around the World

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 Gainsborough Bath and Spa in Bath, England.
Lavender, eye gel and a Shakespeare sonnet showed up at turndown service at The Gainsborough Bath and Spa in Bath, England.

It’s all about the chocolate for me. When it comes to turndown service, you can keep your fluffed-up pillows and radios turned to soothing music. I just want a delicious piece of chocolate on my bed.

But some properties are taking turndown service far beyond that yummy little square. During a recent stay at The Gainsborough Bath Spa in Bath, England, my dreams were made sweeter by the appearance of a Shakespeare sonnet with a spring of lavender and small gift.

One evening I received a toning eye gel, along with Sonnet LXI, with these words, “It is my love that keep mine eye awake, Mine own true love that doth my rest defeat.”

I would get my chocolate fix in my favorite form with the Ghirardelli chocolate chip cookies and milk that appear at La Playa Carmel in Carmel Beach, California. The hotel is housed in a 1905 mansion by an artist for his wife, who was a member of the Ghirardelli family.

Or how about that chocolate served in housemade truffle form, served with a small carafe of Rozes port. That’s what you’ll receive to ensure sweet dreams at The Fearrington House Inn near Raleigh, North Carolina.

It’s all about that special southern treat, the praline, at the Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans, when these sweet concoctions of  sugar, cream, butter and pecans appear on your pillow at night. The origin of the praline is a bit of the mystery, although they are believed to have been brought over from France. by Ursuline nuns to New Orleans in 1727.

When I’m relaxing in my hotel room in the evening and that knock comes on the door with the question, “Would you like turndown service?” I always respond the same way. “Is chocolate involved?”



  1. My first reply apparently did not make it to you. We love the loofahs given out in French hotels, Sofitels often and on our last group trip to Istanbul. Each woman had a loofah in her bathroom, along with herbal soaps.

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