I’ll Echo That: Dining in Palm Beach

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This fella looked like he just swam up onto our plate. This crispy fried sea bass was a highlight of our meal at Echo.

We decided this Asian restaurant in Palm Beach, FL got its name because after you eat one of its delicious meals, you can’t wait to return and eat there again.

Echo is an off-site restaurant of The Breakers, the historic and iconic Palm Beach property where we were spending the weekend. We caught a shuttle bus at the hotel for the ride down the meticulously landscaped driveway to Sunrise Avenue. We chatted with another couple on the bus who were trying the restaurant at the suggestion of a friend who says it’s his favorite in Palm Beach. As we got off the bus, we chuckled at the typical Palm Beach cars parked in front, and sidled between a Lamborghini and a Ferrari to make our way inside.


We probably should have walked back to The Breakers then swum a few dozen laps in the pool after indulging in this chocolate chip soufflé topped with Bailey’s Irish Cream

Echo is an intimate and inviting restaurant where we feasted on the highest quality sushi and crab cakes. A highlight of our meal was the sea bass, crispy fried and presented whole on the plate, as if he’d just swam up for our meal. The Cantonese Black Cod is also a menu favorite. Yes, we indulged in a dessert. How could we resist a chocolate chip mile-high soufflé topped with Baileys Cream?


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