Introducing The Atlanta 100

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UnknownHe’s at it again, that husband of mine, Chris Schroder. In 1994, he started Atlanta 30306, which expanded to three newspapers and now is operating as Atlanta INtown. In 2002, he started Schroder PR, a small public relations firm. Then he worked with Maria Saporta on the creation of her journalism enewsletter, SaportaReport.

Now, he’s off and running with his new idea: The Atlanta 100. This weekly enewsletter contains articles, videos and slide shows that are, you guessed it, all 100 words or 100 seconds long. After batting about the right tagline for his new venture, he came up with “100-word articles, 100-second videos¬†on topics of intrigue.” After spending several hours soliciting logos for his new venture, he narrowed it down to three. With input from his staff at Schroder PR and a few friends, he selected the one you see here. I hope you agree with me that the results are pretty awesome.

The topics will vary somewhat from issue to issue, depending mainly on who turns in their article. They will include music, real estate, travel, management, networking – all types of fun stuff. This week you can see a video of a player who was going to block the field goal in what was called the greatest upset in college football history (his teammate did). I have an article about Madison, Georgia where we spent a delightful weekend on a Ramble with the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation.

Fans of the old Atlanta 30306 and Intown will recognize some names. Charles Driebe, the former music columnist, returns to cover music again. And Thomas Schroder, all grown up since he wrote a “kids” column as a child, is writing about the hot topic of Crowdfunding. You can also read about health care, management, legal matters and your brain.

Want to get in on the fun? You can subscribe here. We all have time to read 100 words, right? And remember, they are topics of intrigue.

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