Magical Martini Moment on Celebrity’s Millennium

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Iputu pouring six drinks at once in the Martini Bar on the Celebrity Millennium. He can pour up to 24 at once. Wouldn’t he be handy at your next cocktail party?

It was possibly the best show I’ve ever seen on a cruise ship. And I wasn’t sitting in a large, plush theater but rather in a small bar on the Celebrity Millennium. Being major martini fans, my husband and I had to check out the Martini Bar during our week-long Alaskan cruise where we’d seen elegantly dressed bartenders pouring refreshing looking concoctions into the traditional cone-shaped glasses. Being in full-on cruise mode, we decided to try them all and ordered a flight of martinis. We didn’t know we’d get a show.

After carefully constructing a tower of varying heights with the glasses on the ice-topped bar, our bartender Iputu mixed the drinks in six metal shakers, stacked them together then turned them sideways to pour six colorful drinks all at once. We delightfully drank every one of them while watching the equally enchanting Alaskan scenery as our ship slowly cruised the Alaskan Inside Passage, where we had glimpses of ice of an entirely different variety.

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