Peaches and Cream at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Atlanta

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Spa, Mandarin Oriental Atlanta
The wet treatment area at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental

Usually when I drive by the new Mandarin Oriental, Atlanta on Peachtree Street I’m sitting in a mess of traffic and slowly inching my way up to the dreaded intersection of Peachtree and Piedmont.

But last week I discovered a marvelous oasis when I took an entire afternoon off and

visited the Spa here for the extraordinary Peaches and Cream treatment. From the minute I drove into the courtyard and was greeted by several courtly gentlemen who parked my car, opened the door for me and directed me to the 15,000-square-foot spa, I knew I was in for some marvelous me time.

Shortly after checking in the experience begins as I was handed a pair of slippers and a tray with a cup of tea and moistened towel. After being shown to the beautiful, light-filled locker room, I changed into my plush robe and spent a few minutes in the sauna before settling in the relaxation room to wait for my therapist.

The one hour and 50 minute treatment begins with a soft bell chime and then a foot ritual where my feet were massaged and my legs exfoliated. Then was time to hop up on the table where my entire body was treated with an apricot kernel exfoliation with warm cream and peach oil.

I was anticipating having to leave my warm cocoon to shower but the therapist masterfully gently rubbed off any remaining kernels and slipped out the towels from underneath me so I didn’t even have to open my eyes for the next part of the treatment.

The massage. I love a good massage and this one was amazing. The last part of the treatment is a red clay scalp massage. If you grew up in the South like I did, just a few short miles away from where I indulgently lay, then red clay calls to mind something you try to avoid. Stains from that dirt don’t come out.

But the scalp massage was magical, and shockingly my hair didn’t even look too terrible afterward. Not sure I would have cared at that point, as I was floating in a state of bliss.

Now every time I battle my way through the 6:00 pm Lenox traffic, I’ll turn to the right and smile, thinking back on my Peaches and Cream experience.

The Mandarin Oriental, Atlanta is at 3376 Peachtree Road, 404.955.7500.

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