The Tale of Peter Colada at Grand Xcaret

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Peter Colada and I checked out the pools at the gorgeous Occidental Grand Xcaret

The mood for my trip to Occidental Grand Xcaret was set immediately upon check-in at the Royal Club, a resort within a resort at this Mediterranean-style all-inclusive resort about 45 minutes from Cancun in Mexico. I was presented with a huge pineapple with facial features formed with fruit, umbrellas adorning its head and filled with a delicious island punch.

I named my new friend Peter Colada and knew instantly we would enjoy our time at the resort together.

Only the promise of a visit to the bar got Peter off the slide.

Things started off great. We strolled around the huge grounds bordering the Caribbean, checking out each of the five pools. Peter insisted on visiting the kids’ area, where he took multiple trips down the slide. We were delighted when we spotted a bar with swings for seats, and he hopped right up on the swing and ordered his own Pina Colada.

His antics on the rocks at the Mayan ruins cost him an eye but we replaced it later

We toured the Mayan ruins that are right on site at the resort. Although I admonished him to be careful running all over the large rocks, did he listen? He did not, and lost one of his eyes for a while, although we were able to recover it later.

Had I known what would happen next, I would have steered Peter far away from the bars

After we got back to the room, he took a rest in the hammock on one of the balconies. I retired to my room as well — and it was then that the trouble started.

It seems while I dozed off Peter discovered the bottle of tequila. He then took it upon himself to start the party without me, carefully rubbing the lime around the rim then salting it.

Peter certainly didn’t mind drinking alone!
Pathetic pile of passed-out pineapple

Seems Peter didn’t quite know his limits, and by the time I found him he was a passed-out pathetic pile of pineapple.

When he finally came to, he confessed that despite the rapport we had established and the fun we had around the resort, he missed having a fruit friend.

He had learned the hard way, as so many of us before him, that you can’t drink your troubles away. Even with an excellent bottle of tequila.

Luckily for Peter, at lunch that day I was presented with another friend, this time formed from a coconut.

Because of her obvious fashion flair  I named her Coco Chanel. I  couldn’t wait to introduce her to Peter.

Peter Colada and Coco Chanel find happiness. And I got my tequila back. Happy endings all around!

They bonded immediately. As I left for the evening, I took one last peek at them, snuggled on a chair on the balcony, all smiles.

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