Top 10 Travel Moments – Insanely Fun Adventures

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As I look back, I realize I was one lucky girl last year, travelwise. I crossed the pond three times, visited our neighbors to the North twice, and Central America once in addition to plenty of domestic trips. So here, David Letterman-style, are my top ten travel adventures moments, part one.  Come back next week for the next five, followed by some of the worst travel moments .

Costa Rica ziplining
Once the guides told us the hooks could handle 2000 pounds I figured I was safe, despite the multi-dessert dinner the previous night.

10. Ziplining in Costa Rica
Seems I’m not too crazy about plane travel, and generally only undertake it under the influence of gin, but harness me in, throw me off a platform into the treetops and I’m happy as a deer in a garden.

9. Visiting the Newseum
My son and I took a mother/son trip to Washington DC to visit my daughter, who was interning there. While we enjoyed everything we did, our visit to the Newseum was hands-down our favorite. We spent six hours here, even skipping lunch. And I never miss meals. Visit here for tips on doing your own mother/son trip. And having fun. Really.

8. Lying in bed and smelling bacon cooking downstairs at High Hampton Inn in Cashiers, North Carolina. I was instantly transported back to my childhood. In a good way. Not in a painful pleasingly-plump-crooked-bangs-ugly-clothes-leave-me-alone! kind of way.

7. Dogsledding and visiting the ice hotel in Quebec City. I reluctantly leave my home when it’s

Quebec City ice hotel
Me in the ice hotel clutching my ice glass drink and still wondering why anyone would choose to spend the night. Vodka drink, yes. Disrobe and sleep on block of ice. I think not.

below 60 degrees, yet I spent days in mountains of snow and willingly entered an entire huge structure made of ice. It’s all about the layers and let’s just say I stopped counting at six.

6. A flamenco show in Seville. We were so close we could feel the sweat of the hardworking dancers as they flung themselves around so fast they must have been breaking the sound barrier.

Come back next Monday for the next five top moments. There are no sweaty dancers, animal skins or even any pork products in the next five. But there is an encounter with an international rock star, who saved me from setting myself on fire. Even better? He stroked my hair and called me Love.

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