Saying iDo to the iPhone

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girl-kiss-iphoneWhy, oh why did I resist its charms so long? I have been the proud, enthusiastic and smitten owner of an iPhone for three weeks now, and already we’re inseparable. And to think , I almost said no again.

My husband called me from the Apple store, where I’m fairly certain he’s known on a first-name basis and asked if I wanted one. “I’m not mentally prepared,” I cried, thinking I’d need an adjustment period. “Well, your old phone no longer works – I’ll bring the iPhone home,” he said, in a not uncharacteristic tug at me to take a leap for which I was not yet ready.

Actually, I do  know why I resisted – as the recipient of hundreds of emails a day, I thought I’d be stressed out by having my email follow me around. Now I realize that I don’t have to have it buzz or beep every time an email comes in, plus I’m too busy playing with all its other way fun features to even look at my email.

Here are some of the things I’ve done with my iPhone in our short time together:

I traveled without my laptop. This is the hugest thing actually, because I was forever lugging that thing around and suffering back pain as I carried that and dragged my suitcase with the twisty wheels that didn’t work. On a recent trip to Maine the day after I got my iPhone, I happily bid my laptop good-bye, and felt light-as-air with just my iPhone. I gave thanks a second time when I returned home, and the trains in the Atlanta airport weren’t working, which necessitated an almost-mile long walk to the MARTA station.

I watched TV shows on the airplane. Before my trip I downloaded episodes of the show Extras on my iPhone and happily whiled away the hours on the plane by giggling at Rick Gervais and his antics. If you haven’t seen this show, do yourself a favor and download it now.

* Listened to radio podcasts in the van on the way to the airport. After four days, I was all talked out, so made the somewhat anti-social move of  settling in the back of the van and tuning into my downloaded episodes of “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me,” the funniest radio show ever. I was trying to smother my giggles, but when I looked up and everyone else in the van was staring at me, I had to explain my laughter. How can you help but laugh out loud when Robert Earl Keene is discussing his wife shooting at creatures in their backyard while only wearing her bra and panties?

Entertained ourselves on the ride home from the beach by checking out the Nearby feature on the Aboutme application. If you don’t have Aboutme, stop immediately and download it – you can find, bars, restaurants, hospitals and just about whatever you need with this app. You can also find information about local towns – such as the fact that the the population of Blacksville, Georgia is 4, making it one of only six towns in the country with a similar population.

Looked up nutrition information on fast-food menu items. Good news – a yogurt parfait at McDonald’s – 160 calories. Very bad news – a Fresh Market turkey sandwich at Arby’s – 708 calories!

I’m in love with my iPhone and truly appreciate the way it meets my needs – even ones I didn’t even know I had. Our relationship is still in the honeymoon phase, but there’s still so much to explore, I’m figuring the honeymoon will never end.

We’ve only just begun.

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  1. My favorite “travelgirl” apps:

    Units: converts everything from shoe sizes and metrics to foreign currency.

    Pandora Radio: Type in the name of your favorite band. It will stream that band, mixed with other bands you might like. You can customize your stream by giving each new song a thumbs up or down.

    iSpeakItalian: Instant translation from or to English; the only drawback is that to use it overseas, you have to pay for data time. Pricey.

    Flashlight: Had I loaded it, this could have been useful when I exited a construction site of a home waaaay out in the country, on a moonless night – and had to find my way to the car by the light of my phone’s dim screen.

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