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Atlanta Food Truck Reopening, Take 2

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Although it’s just a taco throw away from my house, I hadn’t been to the new Atlanta Food Truck Park yet and we’re always up for new places we can walk to and eat. And now that the permitting issues with the city have been resolved, the Food Truck Park is back in business and held a reopening party last Friday night.

Before our journey, we made ourselves a refreshing adult beverage for the stroll up there. So while I guess we were violating the open container law on the way up, once you are on the property you’re okay, as it’s private land. (Although the trucks don’t sell alcohol you’re free to bring your own.)

We took a walk around the several trucks parked there and I was impressed with the variety of the trucks, while I was getting hungrier by the minute by the smells emanating from them all.

The Mixed-Up food Truck at Atlanta Food Truck Park. Get the lamb burger.

Not all food from food trucks is created equal and we tried a couple of so-so items. But then we found the best bite by far — a delicious lamb burger from Mixed-Up. I wasn’t surprised to learn that their food comes from Cuisine Chefs, a catering company. The burger was juicy and perfectly cooked. We ordered hand-cut fries with it and they were hot and crispy. So far, Mixed Up is our winner.

The prettiest truck award goes to Honeysuckle. We were too full to try its Southern-inspired gelato but next time we spot the pretty almost-Tiffany blue truck, we’ll save space.

Although there were plenty of people there for the reopening party, it didn’t feel too crowded, largely due to the big separate eating area that has plenty of picnic tables. With lots of accessible trash cans, the area stayed clean.

I was curious about the parking situation so we took the back stairs down and saw two large parking lots, a swing set, plenty of grass for a quieter eating experience and a great place for the kids to run around. Apparently there are 1.5 acres of green space and a lawn for movies and concerts.

The Atlanta Food Truck Park is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, with up to 15 trucks at any one time. To find out if your favorite truck is there, visit the Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

Big kudos to founders Brian Harvin and Howard Hsu, who owns the Sweet Auburn Barbecue food truck, next on our list to try. We hear they serve primo potato salad. Thanks, guys, for taking this desolate corner of Howell Mill and turning it into something amazing. Welcome to the neighborhood.  

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