Best Travel Products: Foldable Luggage a Plus

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Foldable luggage. Just like adding wheels to suitcases, I’m wondering — what took so long? Why did we spend years walking lopsided while lugging those heavy-even-when-empty Samsonite monsters? I still remember straining my shoulder dragging my banana-yellow suitcase through the Atlanta airport.

When we were looking at a new home to move into, there was one big consideration when considering space. Where would all the suitcases and travel-related paraphernalia go?

Lipault foldable luggageWe found ample room in the 4th floor furnace area, which the HVAC guy was audibly displeased about and grunted his way around to check the unit. So it’s not ideal. And if you live in a smaller space or don’t want to devote a major percentage of your storage space to housing suitcases, you’ll want to check out the line of foldable luggage from Lipault, one of France’s leading luggage brands.

The collection has a variety of pieces, including satchels, duffles and business bags. I have the 22” wheeled carry-on, which holds just as much as my regular suitcase. But when it’s not in use, it folds down to just 4” wide so I can easily slide it under my bed or along the side of a closet.

The other benefit is the bright color. While I love my black Tumi suitcase, I have to resort to attaching various eye-catching accessories to it so I know it’s mine when it’s winding its way slowly along the baggage carousel. I have accidentally grabbed other people’s bags before I saw the yellow polka-dotted ribbon that identifies mine.

With the bright teal-colored Lipault suitcase, there’s no danger of that. I’ll be able to spot it from across the terminal. And I imagine that would also deter possible luggage thieves, as it’s so easily spottable.

Another big benefit to foldable luggage is when you are staying in smaller spaces, like in a cabin on a cruise ship, on a boat or just a smaller hotel room where space is at a premium. You can unpack your clothes, fold up this suitcase and put it in the top of your closet.

So the French seem to bake better bread, raise children better, not get fat better and now they’ve done luggage better? I’m not ready to concede on all points, but this suitcase? Well, it’s a keeper.

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