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Fried Chicken Night at Watershed

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You have to get to Watershed early on Wednesday nights to get the delicious fried chicken

Now I know why Watersheds’ Fried Chicken Night is so popular. Their chicken tastes exactly like what my mom used to make.

With no plans for 4th of July, we gathered a group of fellow fried-chicken fanatic friends and made our way there at the bordering-on-obscene time of 6:00 for dinner. We’re no late-night eaters but we aren’t old enough for the early bird special either. But I’d been assured that if we came later, we might miss out. Apparently the restaurant does run out of its fried chicken every week, as early as 6:30. No, I have no idea why they don’t make more.

After a few appetizers of varying deliciousness – yes to the kettle chips with blue cheese, big no to the popcorn ball with bacon – our dishes with four pieces of fried chicken topped with two biscuits arrived.

I took one bite and was flooded with memories of my mom’s delicious fried chicken. She always made a huge batch to take with us when we went on vacation. On our way to the beach or my grandparents house we’d start scouting acceptable rest stops where she’d carefully lay out piles of delicious cold fried chicken, deviled eggs and white bread with butter while my brothers and I eagerly waited to get our hands on the drumstick.

My beloved mother passed away in 1995. I inherited the cast iron skillet she cooked all those delicious pieces of chicken in but never perfected her skill with it. Now I know I can go to Watershed when I need a taste of home. And I may just need to get a box to go for our next road trip.

Watershed is at 1820 Peachtree Road, 404-809-3561


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