Walk Tall with Oka-B Wedges

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 wedges Oka-B
These new Emery wedges from Oka-B are super comfortable. And isn’t the box beautiful?

Before we talk about the wonderful new wedges from Oka-B., we have to talk about the box. Shoeboxes have a short lifespan in my house. Take shoes out; recycle box. Not this one. Have you ever seen such a gorgeous box? The colors, the bird, the flowering tree branch. I want to frame it for my office wall.

Now on to the shoes. Despite having a higher heel than I usually wear, the Emery peep-toe wedge is so comfortable. And you have to love a shoe that is fashionable and easy to keep clean. Just wipe it down, or if you’ve really made a mess of them, throw them in the washing machine.

The Emery is $56 and comes in 10 colors. If you decide to ditch it, can I have your box?

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